Top 15 Finest Cell Otome Video Games On Android And Ios

This app leads the protagonist down a wild path that includes a forged of five potential suitors, each with their very own individual routes with differing stories. Made by MiHoYo and now revealed by Cognosphere, Tears of Themis continues to seize the hearts of fans of otome games. It incorporates romance, detective, and gacha components properly for a unique experience.

I suppose there are two reasons why this will likely have occurred. 1, a virus scanner is marking the game as a false optimistic and deleted some files 😅 Or 2, the information obtained corrupted if you have been downloading them. This is your likelihood to reside a sweet and wonderful faculty romance another time. They all have secrets and techniques, and your answers may change your love life endlessly.

Top 25 best sci-fi games for android phones and tablets

As a full-motion online game, Ten Dates makes use of filmed footage to bring its characters to life with nuances of performance. A strong variety of illustration helps the sport fulfill on its possibilities for multiple demographics. Romantic and professional relationships go hand in hand right here, making learning from each the tycoon and courting sim ends of the game important. The recreation is also notable for its adult content choices, which permit gamers to choose on what content they’re comfy seeing and interacting with.


The world of dating sims has began to incorporate increasingly LGBTQ+ content over time, and LongStory is a serious player in this new wave. In this sport, which is geared in direction of a youthful viewers, players step into the shoes of a new scholar at center college, playing as the gender of their choice and dating whomever they want. It’s quirky, comedic, and it’s over fairly shortly, but the title is a good time for people who love a bit of dark humor combined in with their courting.

Similar games

If you’re a fan of magic, Wizardess Heart is the otome sport for you! The game follows the story of a younger wizardess who enters the Royal Magic Academy the place she should grow her magic and show herself before changing into a full-fledged student of the academy. Ports are games that have been adapted to another platform. This applies to lots of Japanese titles that have been translated into English since a lot of the original video games are only playable on consoles.

This one is a heartfelt story and is beneficial even if you’re not into hentai or anime. I especially like Anne because of how blunt and straight forward she is. Lastly, GL and BL romance games can and do include all types of sexualities and genders too. If the game has majority GxB, BxB or GxG romances for the player to engage in, it’s Otome, BL or GL respectively. No one has robbed anything from the otome audience by not catering to solely your tastes at all times.

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I actually liked the characters and the story was bizarre. I hope you could make one other full game for these characters. And I do agree that we may discover more of his past struggles but that would additionally drag the story to an unnecessary extent. Ray additionally mentions in his romantic ending ///SPOILER AHEAD/// that he did not have feelings about what happened up to now anymore. He was just following the course because that is what he was doing his whole life. Straight women, gay women, bi women, poly girls, cis girls, trans ladies, ALL ladies.


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