Polysexual: Which have sexual attraction to many not all of the genders

Polysexual: Which have sexual attraction to many not all of the genders

Platonic Wife: Someone which have who it’s possible to not romantic otherwise intimate, but to help you just who you have generated lifelong commitments which may were things like cohabiting and you may coparenting. Often abbreviated PLP.

Polycule: A network of interrelated relationship; are often used to make reference to the brand new system alone, or a map showing a similar. Good portmanteau out-of “poly” and you may “molecule,” of the ranged you can setup and just how they’re able to wind up as maps of the agents structures out-of molecules. Teams and networks larger than five some one usually simply play with “polycule” or “constellation” to explain its system, in the place of using one of the official conditions to have less gadgets, given that molds can get challenging.

Note: a lot of people explore pansexual for this meaning as well, since it is the greater popular term and commentary up to sexualities is moving forward.

Top Relationships/Partner: Brand new prioritized matchmaking or mate for the a good hierarchical place-up. Some people features multiple no. 1 couples, or get-off the choice for further primary-level dating to thrive; but many who choose that it dating structure don’t.

Relationship Anarchy: A love structure that can easily be viewed as a kind of non-hierarchical polyamory , but significantly more especially enforce anarchist beliefs of notice-devotion and you will shortage of state involvement so you can intimate matchmaking. Have a tendency to abbreviated RA . It allows into the individual concept of for every single relationships without brands getting applied, and a lot of argument can be acquired as much as just how RA are otherwise is not used in polyamorous actions and you may people.

Second Matchmaking/Partner: More people or relationship not in the number one of them inside the an effective hierarchical system. They frequently have to accept pre-current laws or limitations timely laid out from the top matchmaking users, as opposed to recourse to switch this type of.

Solamente Polyamory: A type of polyamory in which just one decides to be their “top mate,” strengthening contacts without any assumption away from moving forward up the “matchmaking escalator” that have one or more. Usually is sold with the belief off lifestyle apart from every partners.

Will date-restricted to the beginning of another flirtation otherwise relationships, but occasionally an unbarred capacity to cancel extra dating any kind of time big date

Transgender : An individual who means as the transgender means since people gender almost every other as compared to one they were assigned at the beginning. It the sole gender determining name they normally use, or they could play with other, way more certain conditions in trans umbrella.*

Telemour: The new lover from an excellent metamour who is not your own common companion; regarding the resources “tele,” distant – so actually “distant love

Triad: A love off three anybody, all of exactly who try romantically involved in both. A beneficial triad includes around three dyads (A and you will B; Good and you can C; and you may B and you will C) in addition to triad matchmaking (A beneficial and you will B and C). Perhaps one of the most advertised types of polyamory within the main-stream media.

Unicorn: A bisexual woman who prefers to enjoys relationships having both bits out of an effective heterosexual few to your words place generally of the that people agreements.

Unicorn Seekers: Partners exactly who look for an excellent bisexual woman who would rather keeps matchmaking which have both elements of an excellent heterosexual pair on terms put generally of the that couples preparations for a romance. So it label is frequently utilized derisively, that particular person is almost impossible to get once the of one’s need to accept most of the partners conditions, and since that it construction whenever managed often is used to adversely impact more youthful bisexual lady a new comer to polyamory.

V: A romance circle as well as three anybody in which there’s two “ends” that happen to be metamours not romantically a part of both, and you can a beneficial hinge spouse. A v (either composed vee ) polycule consists of one or two dyads (Good and you will B and B and you can C).


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